Customer Experience Management (CEM)

What is Customer Experience?

A customer experience occurs every time a customer interacts with a supplier. “Customer Experience” is the sum total of the interactions a customer has with the supplier business or brand and can be a one off contact or multiple contacts. The result is the perception that a customer has of a supplier’s business and will influence and ultimately determine the business relationship between the customer and supplier.

CEM from Healdi focuses and redefines your business from your customers’ perspective and involves all aspects of the business. The objective of CEM is to create sustained customer loyalty and to optimise the derived benefits:

  • Loyal, happy customers
  • More profitable business from existing customers
  • Ambassadorial customers
  • Extra Referral business
  • Less selling costs
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Less stressed employees
  • Highly motivated workforce
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • More PROFIT

What is an Interaction?

An Interaction could be by telephone, letter, email, promotional literature, instructions for use, website, social media, face-2-face etc, singly or a mixture.

When does an Interaction Occur?

Interactions come in many formats from contact with any department or methodology from Sales to Accounts and IT Departments to telephone answering systems to engineers and delivery drivers, to name a few.

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

CEM is NOT Customer Resource Management (CRM) which is data driven, emphasising and requiring regular contact, human and systems, to increase sales.

CEM is NOT Customer Service Management (CSM) which concentrates on raising customer service levels from the supplying company’s perspective.

CEM IS the process of understanding and managing customers’ interactions with, and perceptions about, the supplier company. The most successful companies analyse every possible contact point and interaction, putting in place processes and promoting attitudes to deliver excellent “Customer Experience” constantly and consistently.

How Do We Work?

An initial no cost – no obligation meeting will be held with you to understand your company and your objectives.

Following the presentation of our proposal and your agreement to proceed we will assess the existing “Customer Experience” levels and status quo and then assist you to identify, challenge & redefine your existing Customer Experience Management processes to move the status quo to new levels within an agreed time plan to achieve your objectives.

Implementation to a full CEM system can mean a re-think of how internal departments interact & communicate with customers as well as each other. 

To arrange a meeting or for more detailed information contact us today by email or to talk to real person call:

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Our Guarantee

At Healdi we operate a policy whereby we will spend the necessary time, at no cost and no obligation, to understand our Client’s needs prior to presenting a proposal and guarantee that, once we have accepted the contract it will be delivered within the price quoted.

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