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Continuous Improvement is also about people & particularly people in sales & customer services

Continuous improvement is not just about lean manufacturing practices nor is it a goal; As we have said previously it is a methodology to achieve goals by improving processes, products or services to improve cost reductions and add value.

It is also about people and particularly people in sales and customer service roles.

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't-you're right.”

Or this could be interpreted as “We limit ourselves by our own preconceptions of what we believe is possible” – this is particularly true in sales. How often have we heard sales people say “I had a fantastic day today” and then, when asked by a colleague or manager “How will you do tomorrow?” respond with “probably not as well as today, because today was really too good”. If you believe that tomorrow can be even better and you believe in yourself and have the ambition, will, knowledge and skills to continue to improve - it will. 

Top Tip 22/4/2014 Introducing price too early into the conversation is fraught with difficulties! 

Introducing price too early into the conversation is fraught with difficulties; it can be an easy way for a buyer to say no when the cost of the product/service is known without the value being understood. It is also setting a maximum price even if words such as “this is only a guide” or “don’t hold me to this” are used to preface the price as only the price and not the words will be remembered by the buyer when you are trying to close the sale at maybe a higher price because of quantities or availability etc. So resist talking price until you are aware of all the factors that could influence and determine your quote or proposal.

Top Tip 15/4/2014 Continuous improvement is not a goal! Continuous improvement is not a goal; it is a methodology to achieve goals by improving processes, people, products or services to improve cost reductions and add value. Businesses and Organisations which embed and practice continuous improvement as an ethos aspire to be the best in their sector, involving all employees, to stand apart from their competitors, not by going the extra mile but by taking many extra steps. It is an ongoing process and it never stops. So start now and keep improving!

Top Tip 9/4/2014 Using Voicemail to Engage with Decision Makers: Love them or hate them. 70% of calls to prospect customers go to voicemail. Don't waste the opportunity. Prepare a series of 4 or 5 separate powerful messages highlighting the benefits of your products or services to leave when your call is diverted to voicemail. These messages should stand alone or build, over time, a compelling reason for the Decision Maker to return your call. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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