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Customer Experience Management                                                                                

“Customer Experience” is the sum total of the interactions a customer has with the supplier business or brand. The result is the perception that a customer has of a supplier’s business and will influence and ultimately determine the business relationship between the customer and supplier.

CEM is the process of understanding and managing customers’ interactions with, and perceptions about, the supplier company. The most successful companies analyse every possible contact point and interaction, putting in place processes and promoting attitudes to deliver excellent “Customer Experience” constantly and consistently.

Business Management

Business Management Improvement Programme                                                

If you are a business owner, a company director or new to senior management and seeking to increase your skills, improve yourself and grow your company, this Business Management Improvement Programme is designed specifically for you. With programmes starting at under £500 improving you & your business has never been so cost effective.

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the value of the advice given we guarantee to refund your money*subject to conditions– see Terms & Conditions

Telephone and Communication Skills

Healdi is a specialist consultancy in communication skills and the use of the telephone in business, providing hands on Project Management when & where required. At Healdi we will work with you to understand your business and its objectives, we will then provide help and assistance to optimise communication and the use of the telephone throughout your business to help you achieve those goals.


Telemarketing, in its many forms, is part of the marketing/sales mix employed used successfully by many businesses and government bodies to communicate effectively with business & organizations on a local, regional, national or global basis.

With considerable experience in this market we can give you advice & assistance in all aspects of Telemarketing from setting up a campaign to creating a full internal telemarketing department or call centre

Customer Service                                                                                                                               

Customer retention is essential for companies to survive in today’s competitive market and every business claims to give excellent customer service - but how often does this claim live up to expectations.

Our Customer Service Consultancy can help your business make your customers into your greatest supporters and ambassadors with proven methodologies. From the very basics to setting up an internal Customer Service team or finding and Managing an outsourced call centre we have the expertise

Contact Management

Regular contact with existing customers and prospects is essential to build strong business relationships to grow the business, unfortunately the theory is great but the practice can be the opposite and new business is slow and customer retention decreases. How can this be remedied?

Healdi Consultancy will work with you to to identify and help you to put in place cost effective communication strategies to retain existing customers and increase sales.

Telephone Audit

Used to understand the use of the phones within your organization we will carry out a complete audit of all telephones used for business which will include information such as:

  • All land lines and mobiles
  • Who uses them, how and why?
  • Do they interface with clients, suppliers or purely internal?
  • Compliance - Data Protection, TPS/CTPS, Call Recording

We will report the results back to you with recommendations. At this stage there is no obligation to use our services or to implement any of the recommendations.

Mystery Shopper

Get independent, unbiased feed back on your organization & its departments' handling of telephone queries:

Reception - Sales - Customer Services - Marketing - Distribution - Accounts - IT - Technical - Complaints

This is an extremely valuable tool to use when assessing how your organization is viewed by the outside world - your customers, clients, press and consumers - and essential when planning for the future.

Telephone Compliance

TPS, CTPS, Data Protection and H & S issues affect every business with a telephone.

f you, or an outside agency acting on your behalf, are making unsolicited sales and/ormarketing phone calls to businesses or consumers you need to adhere to the "Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2004" or be in line for a £5,000 fine for each breach of the code.

"Can I call a compa
ny for market research which is on the TPS Register?" 
A "Yes" but with qualification!

If your telephone people do not know the "qualification" your organization could be in line for a potential £5,000 fine

At Healdi we keep you up to date with legislation and regulation regarding telephone communication.

Website Compliance

English law as applied to The Companies Act 2006 and the Business Names Act 1985 stipulates the minimum information required on a website as below.

The Healdi
Website Compliance service will keep you and your business up to date on legal issues which affect your use of the website and can be written intoIT/Web Policy. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we can give you peace of mind when it comes to website compliance.

To arrange a meeting or for more detailed information contact us today by email or to talk to real person call:

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Our Guarantee

At Healdi we operate a policy whereby we will spend the necessary time, at no cost and no obligation, to understand our Client’s needs prior to presenting a proposal and guarantee that, once we have accepted the contract it will be delivered within the price quoted.

Try our Mystery Shopper Service to gain an independent, unbiased view of your organizations interface with people and businesses in contact with you.